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Project Description and Target

"Female Entrepreneurship in Nordic Regions"

Far too few women compared with men start their own businesses in the Nordic regions. As a result, five Enterprise Europe Network offices from Denmark, Iceland and Norway have joined to implement an EU initiative to promote female entrepreneurship in Scandinavia.


The project ”Female Entrepreneurship in Nordic Regions” (FEN) has the aim of establishing a network of female ambassadors in all three participating regions, who can give inspiration to other women to start up their own companies.


The project is funded under the European Commission’s strategic initiative ”EU Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors” and has the following target groups:


  • Women in ICT sectors
  • Women in higher education
  • Women in typically male dominated professions
  • Women who are considering self-employment

There are no particular background or education requirements and entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to inspire others are far more important.


During the course of the next two years, we want female entrepreneurship to be a major focus area and will be promoting the project via a series of workshops and events to ensure that as many women as possible have the chance to consider being their own boss.



Nordic co-operation

”Female Entrepreneurship in Nordic Regions” is a co-operation betweeen five business organisations in Denmark, Iceland and Norway. There is a wide geographical coverage in these regions which means that as many people as possible can take part in all regions.



Næstved-Egnens Udviklingsselskab

Næstved-Egnens Udviklingsselskab was created in 1988 and has the aim of supporting business development in all industries in the South West of Zealand in Denmark. Since it was started, the organisation has assisted several thousand small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs to build their companies www.naestved-erhverv.dk


Agro Business Park

Agro Business Park is a science park with focus on knowledge based entrepreneurship and innovation within agriculture, food, bioenergy and environment and operates as an incubator for knowledge intensive entrepreneurs. The science park has a very wide network which includes a large number of regional and national business support organisations. Agro Business Park has its own investment company which can invest pre-seed capital into promising business ideas www.agropark.dk



  Innovation Centre Iceland – IS Reykjavik TII

Innovation Centre Iceland is the leading research and company development organisation in Iceland with a focus on R&D, technology transfer, education and support for entrepreneurs and SMEs. The organisation was founded in 2007 as a merger between the Technical Institute of Iceland (IceTec) and the Building Research Institute (IBRI) www.nmi.is



Innovasjon Norge

Innovasjon Norge arbejder for at fremme udviklingen i de norske distrikter, øge innovationen i erhvervslivet over hele landet og profilere det norske erhvervsliv og landet som rejsemål. Siden 1999 har Innovasjon Norge haft fokus på kvinder i erhvervslivet gennem programmet ”Women in focus”, som har til formål at opmuntre, inspirere og forsyne kvinder med redskaber og muligheder til at indgå i lederstillinger, besidde bestyrelsesposter og opstarte egen virksomhed. www.innovasjonnorge.no


SINTEF Technology and Society

SINTEF is the largest independent research institution in Scandinavia and works with sustainable social development in Norway. The aim is to create growth in the value chain, increase quality of life and development via research and knowledge. SINTEF operates as incubator for newly started industrial companies. www.sintef.no

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