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Malene Louise Snedgaard



 It’s amazing to experience the entrepreneur gene. The sparkle, which the person has. You say that a girl is never as pretty as on her wedding day – it’s also like that with the people, who want to start their own company. They glow.

Malene Louise Snedgaard



Business Service Manager, Næstved-Region’s Development Company 


Malene has managed a small company at South Funen, which leased 80 hectares of farm land and can harrow, plough and drive a tractor. However, that is not her reason for becoming an ambassador.


For the last 15 years she has been counselor for especially small, medium sized and newly started companies. First at Storstrøm’s Business Center in Vordingborg, then at IBM in Germany (customer solutions), at Business Link Zealand and now in Næstved Regions Development Company, where she is business service manager.


”I’ve been in the world’s largest IT-company with 400.000 employees. But the thing that fascinates me the most, is when one or two people start up a company. They have such a glow and a drive”, says Malene, who has an Academy Profession Degree in Financial Management within sales, marketing and internationalisation.


But what does she want to achieve by being ambassador for female entrepreneurs?


”I want to make sure that woman to a greater extent look at the possibilities there are in the market. There are so many other possibilities than starting an internet shop with clothes, a shop with arts and crafts or a coaching company”, she says.


Malene advises that women should participate in networks, move the company from home, to lean against established companies or join forces with other newly established growth companies, which are now being established in Region Zealand. Furthermore, she advises them to get an honest matching of expectations with the family back home. There has to be 100 per cent support from home, otherwise it is going to be difficult.


“The women can have a superb idea, but they can easily get doubts about both the idea as well as their ability to accomplish it. They are often too cautious with marketing, because imagine if something went wrong, what would the neighbours then say…?”


Malene Snedgaard advises women to take all the professional counselling and sparring they can get – from public or private consultants. It is not enough to draw on family and friends as they will always be biased.



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