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Henriette Dahl


 Small self-employed often need counseling, and I’m often there the whole way through. I like to get into contact with so many different people and it’s especially fun to help the newly self-employed getting started. 

Henriette Dahl

Owner of the accountancy company Revicon Viborg A/S, Viborg


Henriette Dahl does not live up to the prejudices about being an accountant. She rides a motorbike, has a hunting permit, is a football and handball referee, and has two children of 12 and 15, whom she often drives around to various leisure activities. That’s how it is, when you live at the country – you become a bit of a “soccer mom”.


“I’m not the kind of a business woman, who works 70 hours per week. I do it my way. It suits me well to be able to decide myself – I’m probably a bit stubborn”, she says.


She became an accountant, because it irritated her that someone had said that girls could not be accountants. She would prove otherwise! She became trained at her uncle’s accountancy practice. When he felt too old for the job, she bought his share and kept him as an employee – together with a secretary. So while they are still three, it is Henriette, who is the boss. It has been like that since summer 2006, and it suits her well.


”I had the possibility of choosing between being the one to decide myself – or that someone else should come and control me, and then I chose the first option. I want to keep my freedom and flexibility”, she says.


During the day she visits clients and attends to their financial situation – or they come to her at the office, which is still located in a wing of her uncle’s farm.  


“Most of my clients are small self-employed like myself, so I often have a consultative function and I’m with them all the way through decisions, investments, and so on. It’s fun to get around to so many people and companies, and I especially like to help new companies getting started”.


During the global crisis, which is hopefully coming to an end, she has experienced that some companies had to close, while others were able to break the crisis. Some new ones also appeared as a result of the fact that people had lost their work and wanted to try their luck on their own.


“I’m dedicated to entrepreneurship and would like to be used as a counselor at the educational institutions within this area – to get out to the business schools, technical colleges and upper secondary schools and give them an impression of how it is to start up your own business” she continues: ”It’s important in Denmark that we not only educate a good workforce, but that we also educate entrepreneurs, who can create innovation and jobs. Otherwise, we’ll quickly be at the bottom of the list in relation to countries with innovation and growth”




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