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Gitte Larsen Andersen


 I believe that pictures should be a natural portrayal of a person or a product, so that the pictures get a unique and distinctive expression.

Gitte Larsen Andersen

Owner of Q’KOMMA, Viborg


Gitte Larsen Andersen is trained as both an advertising photographer and media graphic designer. This gives her the broadness that is needed in the company Q’KOMMA, where the two women who run the business have to provide tailored solutions within photography, graphic design, web page production, leaflets, or business cards.


Gitte became educated as photographer at Wiegaarden Media House in Hobro. The photographer was a regular supplier of pictures to magazines about horses, and as a result Gitte became an expert in photographing large horses at competitions all over Europe. The education was all-around and provided the students with many challenges, which also meant that they were given a lot of responsibility during the training. Gitte had amongst other things the responsibility for the photo studio and the portrait atelier and it was in these surrounding that she first thought of starting her own business.


As a trained photographer, Gitte chose also to educate herself as media graphic designer at Hartly and Møller in Viborg and was employed straight afterwards at the advertising agency Reklamehuset in Hobro. Two years later she became self-employed and established, together with a friend from the period of training, Q'KOMMA Photograpy and Advertising in Viborg.


That was three years ago, and recently the two business partners decided to go their separate ways. Gitte is continuing as the owner of Q'KOMMA and a year ago hired a media graphic designer, so there are still two inventive, creative and committed women at Lundvej in Viborg.


“Our profile is that we’re dynamic, outgoing and innovative. All the time, we try to come up with something new, which is unique for the individual customer. In relation to photography, we try as much as possible to go for a free reporting style, whether it’s portrait photographs or business pictures. We think that the pictures should provide a natural portrayal of a person or a product, so that the pictures get a unique and distinctive expression”, Gitte Larsen Andersen explains.


Since Gitte is trained as both photographer and media graphic designer,  she can function in both roles. In this way, she can be where she is most needed and the resources in the company can be utilised fully.


The goal for the women in Q'KOMMA is that they would like to have a fun and varied working day, and that they are busy with carrying out the tasks with great professional dedication.


”Advertising is an exciting discipline, which fundamentally requires a good craftsmanship, for both graphics and photographs.” She continues:  “We like to be able to deliver quality and we’re very careful down to the last detail to make sure that we have satisfied customers”.



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