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Cherie Anne Stamm


One of the major roadblocks to the 3D printing revolution is a 3D modeling application that is easy to use. Our team of uniquely qualified individuals has worked for 25+ years on a new generation of 3D technology and will soon offer a revolutionary product where ease of use is just one of the many unique features we will bring to the marketplace.

Cherie Stamm

Co-founder, CEO of Uformia AS


Cherie Stamm has been working in IT technology and digital processes for over a decade and seven years ago found a real passion for digital fabrication and 3D printing. Together with 6 others, she has created a new company, Uformia, in the north of Norway that is currently applying 25 years of academic research towards creating new generation 3D systems.


The world is poised on the edge of a manufacturing revolution. It is not so far in the future that doctors will fabricate real bones from 3D computer models for replacement in patients, and anyone with a computer will be able to customize objects ranging from a coffee cup to even a house, then have digital controlled systems rapidly manufacture the objects. This new method of manufacturing is called Solid Freeform Fabrication or 3D Printing. 3D Printing is beginning to become truly accessible and is finding a new online marketplace. However, all the experts in this field agree that the major obstacle to overcome is the development of easy to use, accessible 3D modeling software and control systems for the design and creation of real objects. This is the essence of what Uformia is about.


Cherie has taken her years of experience in IT, education, management, and previously running her own U.S. based company, to lead Uformia and its unique technology into a successful and promising startup. Cherie's development of the business strategy and her savvy presentation style has received high praise. Cherie has lead Uformia to receive two rounds of funding from the Norwegian government and private seed investment is currently pending.


Not only does the technology set Uformia apart from other competitors and corporations, but also the unique approach to business taken by Cherie and the company. Cherie and her colleagues strongly feel that those leading the way in the future of technology innovation and the New Economy must take into account human and environmental issues in order to build successful economic and social development both for the company and society. Uformia aims to achieve this partially by incorporating dynamically staged business and community development, including the creation and support of a new type of open source license (http://www.cgpl.org), as well as active participation in the free and open source community.


Cherie's mandate going into the 21st century is to create a new and different type of corporation, one that fosters creativity and play for its employees, gives something meaningful to science and society and paves a new more robust commercially viable corporate model. Today Cherie and her company are hard at work above the Arctic Circle to introduce the world's first volumetric 3D design system later this fall.



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