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Britta Hedegaard


I'd like us to be bigger - much bigger in fact. I really enjoy growing things and find that internal management in a company is a good challenge.

Britta Hedegaard

Partner in Bøgetorp Business Development in Billund and owner of Brima.dk, Hald Ege


Britta Hedegaard was sales manager in an IT-company with responsibility for the implementation of large business solutions and with contact to many different companies. In 2000 she became a victim of the IT-bubble, became sales manager in a production company and was gradually promoted to acting managing director. As a result, she had a lot of management experience from a variety of backgrounds when she quit her job in 2004 and started her own consultancy company within business counseling.


In her first year of self-employment, she ran the company Brima.dk alone but was later persuaded to join forces with some partners. She contacted Bøgetorp ApS, bought a share and became the first partner. Since then, two more partners have joined them and there are now five employees.


Bøgetorp works with a simple concept which means that there is never a standard solution, but where the clients are guided through four basic strategy development stages: SEE, THINK, PLAN and IMPLEMENT. “It sounds so trivial but many company leaders are very action-oriented and therefore they forget stages two and three – to think and make a plan. Regardless, if it’s a big multinational concern or a small owner managed company, which has started in the garage, they can use the process which is more or less complex, depending on what company it is”, says Britta Hedegaard.


Britta Hedegaard’s daily life takes place in an interplay between giving the client input and working with input from the client. Firstly, she is out running processes at the client, typically with a leader group, after which she works from home, compiling the input she has received. The process can then be repeated. “I like that our processes are so customised that I sort of have to invent the wheel every time. It never gets routine”, she says.


As woman and chairwoman for Erhvervskvinder.dk in Viborg, Britta is much aware that there should be many more women on management boards and particularly in top management in order to secure diversity and development in the business world. However, she does not feel herself that she thinks or acts differently than men. “I’m the only woman in Bøgetorp. Most of my clients are men and I haven’t yet had the experience of sitting opposite a female director".


However, she does not feel that there are advantages or disadvantages in being a woman, nor that she doesn’t aim high enough. “I’m very result-oriented and driven by the desire to create value at the customer and in my own company. I really want us to grow and become bigger – much bigger. And I’m also ready to take the lead”.  




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