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Bolette van Ingen Bro


 I have a drive to create development and growth in the West of Jutland for the firebrands and the entrepreneurship spirit that is present here. I want to prove that you easily can run an innovation-and knowledge business in Thyborøn – even a female workplace.

Bolette van Ingen Bro

Managing Director for Navigators, Thyborøn


Before Bolette started Navigators, she was managing director for the Knowledge Centre for Food Development (VIFU) in Holstebro, a centre for innovation and business development in the food sector. During the last years of her time at VIFU she was also managing director for North West Jutland Business Development Centre.


“But I have the entrepreneurship gene and I like to prove that new things are possible. I got the urge to start over and create a new, fast and flexible organisation.”


That became Navigators, which started one year ago in Thyborøn. Navigators co-operates with many different knowledge institutions, but is an independent company which can offer the relevant competencies in relation to all possible parties and customers, whether they are public or private.


There are three main elements in Navigators:


  1. Regional development including development of ideas and projects, particularly within food/agriculture, experience economy and tourism. Navigators has strong local knowledge of the area and a very large network.
  2. Innovation and knowledge bridge-building between research/education and the business community – in relation to this, Navigators has won a procurement together with a company in Copenhagen, where their job is to support the 23 innovation networks in Denmark and create a common international platform for them.
  3. Dialogue processes and mediation (conflict resolution) – to secure the dialogue process and common ownership in large and complex partner projects.

At the turn of the year 2010 the company has three full time employees. The two new staff members are going to be project managers for each separate area. In addition to this, three staff members will be affiliated, solving tasks on a contract basis within marketing, communication and bookkeeping.


“I’m a newcomer and married into the local environment, but that might be the exact reason for why I have something different to give, which there is also a need for. I love this area and would like to prove that it’s possible to run a knowledge business in an area like Thyborøn, far away from universities and the corridors of power. The fact that it so far has proven to be a female workplace, I only see as a good thing for the local area.”


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