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Annedorte Vad


 I want to show that it’s possible to run a business within one’s humanistic profession – and that it is possible to be self-employed contemporary with being a full-time employee.

Annedorte Vad

Owner of Enlightenment Production, Copenhagen


Women in Denmark are generally very well educated. Many of those with a humanistic university education also dream about starting their own company. The problem is just that many highly educated people start a company without making use of their professional network, which they established during their education and earlier employment. They start out with an e- business within food, textiles or children's' products to which they are dedicated, but without the business and professional network.


It doesn't have to be like that.


Annedorte Vad is an example that it is possible to start up your own business within your core area, even though you are a humanistic academic. She started up a mediation project, while she was still enrolled in education – she wanted to mediate all the stories about Danish church frescos, and it had to be on the Internet, to reach as many as possible and where information could be updated quickly and cheaply. The project began, supported by a professor and a number of fellow students and an IT-student.


When some of Annedorte's friends began to produce web sites for people privately, she realised that there was a market for starting up independently within mediation. Here there were some possibilities, which she would not have had as a public employee and she started Enlightenment Production as a solo company. At the same time she continued her research and development project about frescos, which among other things became a popular portal that mediates knowledge to high schools, public schools and other people interested in history.


After some years as self-employed, Annedorte Vad said yes to a full-time job at Copenhagen Business School, but she is still holding on to her self-employed sideline occupation and the company Enlightenment Production.


"I want to show that it's possible to run a self-employed company within mediation of science. I also want to show that it's possible to run a business next to a normal employment. Many women prefer the security in being employed, but it's actually possible to be both", says Annedorte Vad, who is happy that she has chosen both parts.



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