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Anne Mette Kleis-Kristoffersen


 If I just have my freedom and flexibility, and am close to the decisions, then I’m happy. If it doesn’t work, then at least it has been fun. However, it has been working well for seven years and I think this will continue.

Anne Mette Kleis-Kristoffersen

Photographer and Partner in Mymind Design & Advertising Agency


Photographer Anne Mette Kleis-Kristoffersen had been a self-employed photographer for four years, when she together with a friend from her period of training established Q’KOMMA Photography & Advertising in Viborg. Consequently, she had a good network in the city to base the company on and Q’KOMMA quickly established a name in Viborg, as a good, local agency.


After three years with Q’KOMMA, the two women decided to go in separate directions. Anne Mette was offered a partnership in Mymind, a design and advertising agency in the same city. Mymind was started by an art director, who with Anne Mette as partner now benefits from her local knowledge of the area as well as her photographic skills.


“Luckily, I’m not in direct competition with my old agency, because the target group for Mymind is a bit different in relation to Q’KOMMA’s. In Mymind we aim for the larger clients, who are having concepts developed, rebranding, web strategy, residence and lifestyle”, she explains.


However, it is difficult to let go of a company that you have started in close co-operation with a partner. “It’s like a baby, when you start up such a small company. You’ve worked hard for this and thought about it 24 hours a day. When you build up such a small company together, it gets very close and friendly, and maybe especially, when you’re women who work together”.


Anne Mette would like to pass on her experiences with starting up and running a company to other women, as she has tried three different models: To start up alone – to start up with somebody else – and to buy part of an existing company.


The plan is that Mymind during the next three years is going to grow to 8-10 employees.


“Mymind is meant to be a creative oasis, where you get more innovation for the money. Therefore, we need to get hold of employees, who are each experts on their own area”, Anne Mette says.




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